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Version: 2.9.0

Troubleshooting Guide


NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) software consists of the following components:

  • NFO Server
  • NFO Controller
  • External Data Feeder for NFO (EDFN)

Each component keeps track of its activity by logging to various files.

NFO Server and NFO Controller​

These components log their activity in $NFO_HOME/logs (NFO_HOME default is /opt/flowintegrator). You can also see their health on the Status page. This page shows input / output statistics, length of various queues, and drop counts.

The NFO internal log files are rolled based on size. Ten last files are kept in $NFO_HOME/logs/bak directory. You can change the default log rotation size and the number of “bak” files to keep by editing $NFO_HOME/server/etc/server.cfg.

You can download logs from NFO by going to Tracing and Configuration on the left navigation bar, and clicking on Download logs button.

To learn more about NFO logs, visit NFO Internal Logs.

External Data Feeder for NFO logs​

EDFN logs its activity in $EDFN_HOME/logs (EDFN_HOME default is /opt/nfi-updater).