Searches, Reports, and Alerts


There are four search dashboards within the App:
  • Traffic Timeline - search criteria set to macro `netflow_search_traffic_rules`
  • Cisco ASA Timeline
  • Palo Alto Networks Timeline
  • NSX DFW Timeline
To see all output from NFO enter “index=flowintegrator” in search area. To filter search results to a specific NFO Module, please add the corresponding Module output ID to your search, for example:
“index=flowintegrator nfc_id=20067”
You can add additional filters or any other Splunk search commands to narrow your search results and / or see various statistics. You can also save your custom searches there.


There several online reports included with the App, and a Top Talkers report that can be scheduled. If you have questions, please contact support: [email protected]


The app comes with several alerts for security and IT operation use cases. If you have questions, please contact support: [email protected]
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