NetFlow Optimizer enables you to process massive volumes of NetFlow (IPFIX, sFlow, Cloud VPC Flow Logs, etc) data, optimizing and enriching it in real time - ensuring that you get data where you need it in right formats.

NetFlow Data Volume Reduction

    Consolidation without loosing accuracy: flows from communicating peers are aggregated over short configurable period of time by source, destination, protocol, ports
    Deduplication: report only once, if the same flow is reported by several network devices
    Top traffic: configure Top N to significantly reduce volume keeping 99% accuracy

NetFlow Data Enrichment

Add information not available in NetFlow records
    DNS names, VM names
    Cloud instance names, services, regions
    SNMP polling data
    Reputation based on threat lists

NetFlow Stitching

    Combine flow records for client-server conversations
    Report network conversation state (Begin, Continuing, End) and session time
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