NetFlow Optimizer enables you to process massive volumes of NetFlow (IPFIX, sFlow, Cloud VPC Flow Logs, etc) data, optimizing and enriching it in real time - ensuring that you get data where you need it in right formats.

NetFlow Data Volume Reduction

  • Deduplication: report only once, if the same flow is reported by several network devices

  • Consolidation: flows from communicating peers are aggregated over configurable period of time Top traffic: configure

  • Top N to reduce volume keeping 99% accuracy

NetFlow Data Enrichment

Add information not available in NetFlow records

  • DNS names, VM names

  • Cloud instance names, services, regions

  • SNMP polling data

  • GeoIP

  • Reputation based on threat lists

NetFlow Stitching

  • Combine flow records for client-server conversations

  • Report network conversation state (Begin, Continuing, End) and session time