Copying NFO Configuration

This section describes how to copy NFO configuration from machine A to B. We assume that NFO is already installed and configured on machine A. NFO stores all configuration, including Module’s parameters, in the installation directory, so it can be simply copied from machine A to B.


Use the following steps to do this on Linux:

On machine A:

  1. Stop Tomcat service (see Working with NFO Service)

  2. Create copy of installation:

    tar -czf flowintegrator_copy.tar.gz /opt/flowintegrator

  3. Start Tomcat service

  4. Copy flowintegrator_copy.tar.gz to B.

On machine B:

  1. Install same version of NFO as on A. Don’t configure NFO.

  2. Stop Tomcat service

  3. Remove all NFO files: rm -rf /opt/flowintegrator

  4. Extract copy of NFO: tar –xzf flowintegrator_copy.tar.gz /opt/

  5. If Tomcat on B should use different SSL certificate, reconfigure it.

  6. Start Tomcat service

  7. Check that Tomcat has been started and has same configuration as on machine A.