Installing NFO in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Install and configure NFO on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance by using the provided Amazon Machine Image (AMI).


  • Verify that you have a license to use NetFlow Optimizer software. Please register at to get your FREE evaluation license or contact [email protected]

  • You must use static IP address


  1. Go to NetFlow Optimizer (BYOL) (

  2. Click Continue to Subscribe.

  3. Click Accept Terms.

  4. When the subscription is ready, click Continue to Configuration.

  5. Select a region and click Continue to Launch.

  6. From the Choose Action list, select Launch from Website.

  7. Select a t2.xlarge or larger EC2 Instance Type that meets the system requirements for virtual appliance.

  8. Create or select a virtual private cloud (VPC).

  9. Create or select a subnet for your VPC.

  10. Create or select a security group that allows ports 22 from trusted IP addresses that can access your NFO deployment.

  11. Create or select a security group that allows port 8443 from IP addresses that can securely login to NFO for administration and configuration.

  12. Configure a key pair. You use this key pair every time you connect to the appliance by using SSH.

  13. Click Launch.

  14. When the instance is ready, go to https://<public_IP_address>:8443

What to do next

Use NFO Web interface to complete the setup at https://<public_IP_address>:8443 where public_IP_address is the IP address or host name of the NFO EC2 instance.

  • Log in to NetFlow Optimizer as admin/<InstanceID>, change the password, apply license, and continue configuration. See Configuring NFO in NetFlow Optimizer Administration Guide for more information.