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Version: 2.10.0

External Data Feeder for NFO Logs

External Data Feeder for NFO logs could be found in $EDFN_HOME/logs (EDFN_HOME default is /opt/nfi-updater) ("Updater" is the old name for EDFN).


ProblemWhat to look forProposed action
NFO Updater: Java heap space too smalljava.lang.OutOfMemoryErrorEdit -Xmx param in NFI Updater environment: bin/ or overwrite JAVA_OPTS="-Xms128m -Xmx3g" in the bin/ file.
Java call stack failure (for ex. WL not loaded)java.lang.StackOverflowErrorSend logs to support
NFO Updater not startedERROR [UpdaterContext]See message description, check NFO updater configuration file: conf/ or maybe NFI Controller is unavailable, check firewall
NFO Updater not started or started incorrectly due to websocket can’t be opened or NFO Controller rejects UpdaterERROR [ConnectionService]See message description, check updater configuration (conf/, check NFO Controller status logs (GUI) or nf2sl.log, check firewall, check that tomcat certificate is in the ${nfi_upd}/cont/.updater_truststore and updater’s certificate is in the ${nfi_home}tomcat/conf/.truststore
Connection between NFO Controller and NFO Updater is lost due to Controller becomes unavailableWARN [ConnectionService] Controller unavailableCheck NFO Controller status logs or nf2sl.log, restart tomcat and updater if required
NFO Updater Agent works incorrectly (WL not loaded)WARN [AgentTask]Check error messages on GUI (Status page), check Agent input data format
Connection between NFO Controller and NFO Updater is lost and can’t be restoredWARN [UpdaterService] ControllerCheck NFI Controller status, nf2sl.log and firewall
Updater or Agents configuration failed; some agents can work incorrectly.[ERROR]See message details, reconfigure agent
Agent execution failed, proxy connection failed and etc.[WARNING]See message details, check agent configuration, URL availability, check proxy settings, firewall configuration