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Version: 2.10.0

Installing NFO in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Install and configure NFO on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance by using the provided Amazon Machine Image (AMI).



  1. Go to NetFlow Optimizer (BYOL) (
  2. Click Continue to Subscribe.
  3. Click Accept Terms.
  4. When the subscription is ready, click Continue to Configuration.
  5. Select a region and click Continue to Launch.
  6. From the Choose Action list, select Launch from Website.
  7. Select a t2.xlarge or larger EC2 Instance Type that meets the system requirements for virtual appliance.
  8. Create or select a virtual private cloud (VPC).
  9. Create or select a subnet for your VPC.
  10. Create or select a security group that allows ports 22 from trusted IP addresses that can access your NFO deployment.
  11. Create or select a security group that allows port 8443 from IP addresses that can securely login to NFO for administration and configuration.
  12. Configure a key pair. You use this key pair every time you connect to the appliance by using SSH.
  13. Click Launch.
  14. When the instance is ready, go to https://<public_IP_address>:8443

What to do next

Use NFO Web interface to complete the setup at https://<public_IP_address>:8443 where public_IP_address is the IP address or host name of the NFO EC2 instance.

  • Log in to NetFlow Optimizer as admin/<InstanceID>, change the password, apply license, and continue configuration. See Configuring NFO in NetFlow Optimizer Administration Guide for more information.