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Version: 2.10.1

Modules Specifications

This section contains description of NFO Modules, also known as Logic Rules.

All Modules report information in syslog key=value pairs format or JSON format.

Syslog Format

Syslog header is RFC 5424 compliant and contains:

PRIPriority Value
VERSIONThe version of syslog protocol: 1
TIMESTAMPFormalized timestamp: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±00:00
HOSTNAMEHost name of the NFO machine
APP-NAMEApplication that orignated syslog: "NFO"
PROCIDThe process name: "nfc_srv"
MSGIDNot used: "-"

The MSG part contains:

NFv9 Source IDConfigurable in NFO, default = "ff:ff:00:01"
nfc_idNFO message ID - indicates the Module that produced this message
other fieldsOther message fields - Module dependednt

JSON Format