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Version: 2.10.2

How to Use this Guide

The Modules Specification section contains detailed descriptions of the Modules. Modules are numbered from 10000. Each Converter produces its’ own type of syslog message, identified by a special field: nfc_id. For example, “Top Bandwidth Consumers for Cisco ASA (10018/20018)” Module has the corresponding Converter 20018. The syslog message produced by this Converter-20018 is identified by the field nfc_id =20018.

All Modules are configurable. Parameters to specify the granularity and the amount of consolidated flow data to be sent out are described at the end of each Module specification. For example, “Data Collection Interval, sec” sets the interval for the Module time trigger. Top N parameter specifies the number of records (usually per exporter) to be converted and sent out. Other parameters may specify a list of IP addresses, or subnets, or ports, depending on the use case of the Module.