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Version: 2.10.0

Before You Begin

Pre-Installation Checklist

Please be sure to have the following before you begin the installation of V2P Network Visibility components:

  • Installation Prerequisites – You have to login as root for Linux and administrator for Windows installations and updates of NetFlow Optimizer and External Data Feeder for NFO.
  • License – A license from NetFlow Logic sales is required before you can begin using NetFlow Optimizer software. Please contact for a license.
  • Physical and Virtual Network Devices - Please refer to the “Configuring NetFlow” section in your Cisco (or other) device or VMware VDS documentation.
  • Visualization Platform – Splunk Enterprise.

Installation Steps

  1. Install NetFlow Optimizer - see NetFlow Optimizer Installation and Administration Guide for details

  2. Configure NFO input (port numbers where flow information is sent to from network devices and VDSs

  3. Configure NFO output for Splunk (IP address and port number where NFO sends out syslogs)

  4. Configure NFO SNMP data retrieval service

  5. Install External Data Feeder for NFO

  6. Upload V2P Network Visibility Module into NetFlow Optimizer – see “Module Configuration”

  7. Configure V2P Network Visibility Module parameters:

    a. List of vCenter Virtual Machines – set automatic updates

    b. List of ToRs management addresses – this list is optional, but it would help resolving ToRs

  8. Install and configure your visualization component - V2P Network Visibility for Splunk (Splunk App) and Technology Add-on for NetFlow (Add-on) – see V2P Network Visibility for Splunk section

  9. Restart NetFlow Optimizer – the system is operational within approximately 15 minutes