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Version: 2.10.0

NetFlow Optimizer

Agentless Deployment

Installing yet another agent on a large network to provide comprehensive network traffic information is costly, difficult to roll out and manage. NetFlow Optimizer was designed to avoid those issues. A single instance of NFO, deployed in a data center, is capable of processing and analyzing massive volumes of network metadata.

Configure your all flow-capable exporters, such as ToR switches, core and aggregation switches, routers, and virtual switches, such as VDS or Open vSwicth to send NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX to NetFlow Optimizer.

NFO Configuration

NetFlow Optimizer is available as Windows or Linux installers, or as a Virtual Appliance. When installed, NFO is automatically configured to listen to flow data on UDP port 9995. You can change this port and/or add additional ports to receive flows from all your exporters. You also need to configure NetFlow Optimizer output. You can configure up to 16 output destinations.

You also need to install External Data Feeder for NFO on the same server with NFO or on a separate server. External Data Feeder for NFO is required for integration with vCenter.

Please refer to NetFlow Optimizer Installation Guide and NetFlow Optimizer Administration Guide for additional details.