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Version: 2.9.1

SNMP Custom OID Sets Monitor (10103 / 20103)


This Module enables you to perform SNMP polling from network devices by creating OID Sets. Each set can contain up to 64 OIDs, and has its own polling interval. The polling is performed for all network devices configured in SNMP Service, taking into account device Group. The information is provided per device-OID set.


Parameter NameDescriptionComments
SNMP OIDs MonitorModule logic execution interval10 sec (fixed value)
OID SetYou may create unlimited number of OID sets by specifying the following: - OID Set name; - Data collection interval; - Device Group; - Up to 64 OIDsYou build your OID sets by going through SNMP tree and selecting OIDs. Once selected, they are added to the Set

Syslog/JSON Message Fields​

KeyField DescriptionComments
nfc_idMessage type identifier“nfc_id=20103”
mgmt_ipDevice Management IP addressIPv4_address
oid_setName of OID Setstring
…[Varies depending on OIDs in the set]…