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Version: 2.10.2

Appendix 1 - NetFlow v5 - NetFlow v9 Field Types Mapping

NetFlow v5 FieldsFIELD2NetFlow v9 RepresentationFIELD4FIELD5
srcaddrSource IP addressIPV4_SRC_ADDR84
dstaddrDestination IP addressIPV4_DST_ADDR124
nexthopIP address of next hop routerIPV4_NEXT_HOP154
inputSNMP index of input interfaceINPUT_SNMP104
outputSNMP index of output interfaceOUTPUT_SNMP144
dPktsPackets in the flowIN_PKTS24
dOctetsTotal number of Layer 3 bytes in the packets of the flowIN_BYTES14
firstSysUptime at start of flowFIRST_SWITCHED224
lastSysUptime at the time the last packet of the flow was receivedLAST_SWITCHED214
srcportTCP/UDP source port number or equivalentL4_SRC_PORT72
dstportTCP/UDP destination port number or equivalentL4_DST_PORT112
pad1Unused (zero) bytesNot convertedN/AN/A
tcp_flagsCumulative OR of TCP flagsTCP_FLAGS61
protIP protocol type (for example, TCP = 6; UDP = 17)PROTOCOL41
tosIP type of service (ToS)SRC_TOS51
src_asAutonomous system number of the source, either origin or peerSRC_AS162
dst_asAutonomous system number of the destination, either origin or peerDST_AS172
src_maskSource address prefix mask bitsSRC_MASK91
dst_maskDestination address prefix mask bitsDST_MASK131
pad2Unused (zero) bytesNot convertedN/AN/A