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Version: 2.10.0

VTEP – ToR Adjacency (nfc_id=20184)

This syslog reports VTEP – ToR adjacency. It is used in vR Ops to build relationships between ToRs and VMhosts.

KeyField DescriptionComments
NetFlow Integrator timestampFormat: Mmm dd hh:mm:ss
NetFlow Integrator server IP addressFormat: IPv4_address
NetFlow Integrator server NetFlow source IDConfigurable.
nfc_idMessage type identifier“nfc_id=20184”
vm_ipVM IPv4 address<IPv4_address>
vm_nfi_idNFI VM ID<number>
vm_host_ipVM VTEP IPv4 address<IPv4_address> VM Host/VTEP IPv4 address
vm_idVM MoRef<string>
vm_vc_idVM vCenter UUID<string>
tor_mgmt_ipToR Management IPv4 address<IPv4_address>
tor_snmp_inSNMP index of a ToR interface on which VM Host receives traffic<number>
tor_snmp_outSNMP index of a ToR interface on which VM Host sends traffic<number>
bytes_inBytes In (Traffic)<number>
bytes_outBytes Out (Traffic)<number>
packets_inPackets In (Count)<number>
packets_outPackets Out (Count)<number>
flow_countNumber of Flows<number>
t_intObservation time interval, msec<number>