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Welcome to NetFlow Logic Support

This document is intended to provide you with insight into the NetFlow Logic Support process, as well as educate you on the technical resources that are available to you to help you plan, deploy, configure and maintain your NetFlow Logic products.

We also want to collect as much information as possible about your environment and use-cases. This information is confidential. It is only visible to NetFlow Logic employees who will use it to offer you the best help possible. Please take a moment to read about our Customer Support Portal below, so you will know how to populate and maintain this information.

How the Support process works

Authorized Support Contacts

Your Standard Support Agreement comes with a specified number of Authorized Support Contacts, depending on your license volume. These contacts should be the people that are managing your NetFlow Logic Environment on a daily basis. Your ‘Authorized Contacts’ are your local NetFlow Logic Product Experts, and will become the first line of support when your Users have a question. They are the only people that should be filing cases with the Support Team.

How to file a case with NetFlow Logic Support

Go to NetFlow Logic Support Portal:

The NetFlow Logic Support Portal will allow you to specify all of the relevant environment details we need to build the complete picture. If you invest the time early on to tell us about your deployment, it will save us lots of time later on in gathering information about your server, OS, NetFlow Optimizer or other products version etc.

There are 4 ‘Priority’ rankings for Support Cases

P1 = NetFlow Logic Software is completely inaccessible or the majority of its functionality is unusable.

P2 = One or more key features of NetFlow Logic Software are unusable.

P3 = Any other case where a NetFlow Logic Software feature is not operating as documented.

P4 = All enhancement requests.

The SLA’s for these various priority levels could be found in Appendix of EULA: All cases filed with the incorrect Priority rating will be re-prioritized. If your case really isn’t a P1 issue, please don’t file it as such. Cases are triaged as they are received and if you need urgent attention on an issue for some reason, explaining that in the body of the case is preferable to trying to ‘jump the queue’ by setting the priority incorrectly.

Details, details, details!

When you file a Support Case with us, we want to know as much as possible about your problem. We want to see what you see and we want to know what you know – there is no such thing as too much information. Yes, some of the information may prove unnecessary in the end, but taking 5 – 10 minutes to put it together initially could potentially cut hours from the resolution time later on. The more information we have to work with up front the quicker we can resolve your issues. It’s the back & forth conversation trying to confirm the exact issue, the use case, the configuration details and the logs that takes up most of the time, not the investigation and diagnosis.

The single most important piece of information is the ‘NetFlow Optimizer logs’, and for UI/web issues, screenshots and data samples are invaluable! We love to see what you see; it helps us understand the issue from your perspective. Make sure every case you file is accompanied by these pieces of information.

How to Check your Current NetFlow Optimizer Version

To check the current version of the software go to NetFlow Optimizer GUI. The server version (build number) displays the current version of the software at the bottom of all pages.