Network Health Dashboard

In this dashboard the network devices comprising the physical and the virtual parts of the network are presented in a tree view. Icon colors indicate NFO health score of each device based on its interface with the lowest score. NFO health score is a number between 0 and 100 with lower scores corresponding to a problematic device. On this dashboard green icons indicate healthy devices while yellow icons identify devices reporting some abnormal conditions. Red icons indicate that one or more interfaces on a device are not functioning properly. Grey icons represent virtual network devices, such as VMware VDS. Their health score is not calculated.

When you click on a network device node, the tree expands showing all interfaces of the selected device, again color-coding them according to their health score. When you click on an interface, the drill-down panels on the right show the traffic details for the selected interface.

The table on the right hand side provides the following information about the selected interface:

  • Interface health score – a number between 0 and 100 with the lower scores indicating a problematic interface

  • Interface failure risk score - a number between 0 and 100 with the higher scores indicating an interface with a high probability of failure

  • Ingress and egress traffic rate • Ingress and egress packet rate

  • Relative traffic load on the interface as a percent of its nominal capacity

  • Relative packet rate as a percent of a maximum packet rate sustainable at a current average packet size

Three drilldown panels on far right show network traffic characteristics and interface wellbeing scores over a selected time interval. A 65% threshold mark displayed on the historic charts helps identifying time intervals when network paths served by this interface are in a high risk of failure territory.

From this dashboard you can jump to Path Analytics dashboard to view all network conversations going through the selected interface.