NFO Internal Logs

Type of Logs

Here is a list of the internal logs in $NFO_HOME/logs. The internal logs from NFO software are useful for troubleshooting or monitoring the health of the system.

Log File Name


nfc_server. .<timestamp>.log

Contains information about NFO core process and enabled NFO Modules and errors detected


Contains information when NFO core process was started as well as redirected process standard output


Contains information about CPU and memory usage


Contains information about NFO controller component (including keep alive) and errors detected


Contains information about requests to the GUI (including IP address and access time)


Contains information about Tomcat process and errors detected


Contains Tomcat process redirected standard output

Log Levels

NFO logging levels are (from least to most verbose):

  • Error

  • Debug

  • Verbose

  • Flood

Default level is Error.

You can change the log level by navigating to NFO > Advanced > Server tab and selecting a Tracing verbosity level you need. Press <Save>. Do not restart NFO.