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Version: 2.10.2

NFO Internal Logs

Type of Logs

Here is a list of the internal logs in $NFO_HOME/logs. The internal logs from NFO software are useful for troubleshooting or monitoring the health of the system.

Log File NameDescription
nfc_server.<timestamp>.logContains information about NFO core process and enabled NFO Modules and errors detected
server.<timestamp>.logContains information when NFO core process was started as well as redirected process standard output
process.log<.#>Contains information about CPU and memory usage
nf2sl.log<.#>Contains information about NFO controller component (including keep alive) and errors detected
localhost_access_log.<date>.txtContains information about requests to the GUI (including IP address and access time)
catalina.#.logContains information about Tomcat process and errors detected
catalina.outContains Tomcat process redirected standard output
nfo-output.#.logContains information about various outputs over TCP, such as Kafka, Amazon OpenSearch, Azure Log Analytics Workspace, etc.
nfo_audit.logContains information about devices placed on "Skip SNMP polling" list

Log Levels

NFO logging levels are (from least to most verbose):

  • Error
  • Debug
  • Verbose
  • Flood

Default level is Error.

You can change the log level by navigating to Tracing and Configuration and selecting a Tracing verbosity level you need. Press Save button. Do not restart NFO.