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Version: 2.10.2

Working with External Data Feeder for NFO Service

Working with External Data Feeder for NFO service depends on OS type it installed on. Below are the methods you can use to start, stop, restart the service or get its status.

OS Which Does Not Support systemd

/etc/init.d/nfi_updd start|stop|restart|status

Command status reports the state of the service (running or not) and its PID, if it is running.

OS Which Supports systemd

systemctl start|stop|restart|status nfi_updd.service

Command status gives a verbose info about the service. To find the line with info in the style of OS which does not support systemd, you may use option -l:

systemctl -l status nfi_updd.service

This option prevents from replacing trailing portion of long strings by ellipsis.

Command systemctl provides more features compared to other methods. For details, see the documentation for this command.

Universal Method

service nfi_updd start|stop|restart|status

This method works on both types of OS but it is deprecated on OS which supports systemd. Actually, the service command is translated to the above commands depending on OS type.