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This page shows detailed NFO Input / Output statistics and message history.

The following table contains description and explanation for packet drops. If you see these drop counts, you can find more information in NFO logs.

dropped by input threadsTotal number of packets received by NFO and dropped because they did not pass basic validation tests, e.g. packets are not one of known flow format – NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow, IPFIX, e.t.c. Packets can also be dropped by input threads if NFO is unable to queue them for subsequent processing, e.g. out of memory, queue overflow, e.t.c.
dropped by work threadsThe number of packets dropped when flow records is processed by Modules, e.g. there is no NFv9 or IPFIX Template for the flow record, or when there are other problems when processing flows, or when processed flows could not be placed in the Output queue. A small number of these drops is expected when NFO is restarted, while Templates are not yet received.
dropped by kron threadThe number of packets dropped by “Data collection interval” triggers caused by queue overflow.
dropped at outputThe number of packets dropped by NFO due to Output queue overflow.
dropped by QoSThe number of packets dropped by NFO internal Quality of Service mechanism to avoid congestions. These drops are also included in one of the drops statistics above.

Please visit the Troubleshooting Guide for more information.