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User Management

This page allows to change admin password, enable Active Directory authentication, or configure two factor authentication based on x509 v3 certificate.

Forgot Password and Restore Admin Account

In order to reset admin password or restore admin account in case you disable it after AD integration - you will require root or administrator access to the system where NetFlow Optimizer is installed. The password will be reset back to changeme or Instance ID in case you deployed NFO in cloud. To reset admin login password perform the following:

  1. Go to the directory where the password file is stored

Linux: /opt/flowintegrator/tomcat/data

Windows: C:\Program Files\NetFlow Logic\NetFlow Optimizer\tomcat\data

  1. Delete the following file:


  2. Restart NFO Tomcat service

    Linux: Restart NFO Tomcat (see Working with NFO Service)

    Windows: Restart NFO Tomcat using Windows Services